"I am impressed with the ‘purity’ of her work. In particular, when an artist emerges with no formal training, but an ‘inner necessity’ to paint, it is a rare thing and can lead (but rarely does) to a unique and unadorned expression. This is what I see in her work." 
~Morris Shapiro /world renown art director - Park West Gallery



Born and raised in Chicago, Nadine M. Rosin has also called Tucson, AZ, the San Francisco bay area, and the California central coast, home.

She began painting in 1991, intending to find a more economical way to fill her own walls with art, and discovered instead, an intense, personal desire for self-expression via color, form and movement on canvas. Her first public showing was at the DeGrazia guest gallery in 1994.

Nadine’s newborn passion for painting took on an even greater intensity when she moved to the beautiful and inspiring, Monterey Bay, where she sold dozens of pieces to private collectors.
She has also had showings in Pacific Grove, CA, Scott’s Valley, CA, and Santa Cruz, CA. In 2008, Nadine was commissioned to create four large canvases for the University of Arizona.

When she is not painting, Nadine is giving holistic pet/toxic-free lifestyle consultations and keynote speeches to help promote her book, The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood
. She has never taken an art class.

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is the term I feel best describes my painting style. I have no preconceived idea or expectation, when I approach a canvas, of what dance the colors will do. Rather, the process begins by clearing the mind and then following intuition/instinct/Spirit. I suspect that ALL relationships improve when approached in this manner.
May the paintings inspire you, as they have me...

  • Painting images courtesy of Sean Lanyi Photography. For more examples of his beautiful work, please go to: www.seanlanyi.com 
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  • 30" x 30"
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • For me, this one holds the feeling of walking an empty Pacific beach at sunset. I love the way the waves, pounding the shore, call to my own inner peace and natural rhythm... how the reflection of the sky is so perfectly mirrored in the colorful glimmering of the wet sand. I am always rejuvenated and motivated by a beach walk at sunset and always come away with some of the sea's own momentum.
  • $1,100


  • 24" x 24" Acrylic on canvas
  • I have practiced many different forms of meditation throughout my life. For me, this piece encompasses the vastness and individuality of that process; the connection, privacy and peace when one sits and lets their mind empty- their thoughts become still. Poured paint and sprayed water. No brushes touched this canvas.
  • $1,100

"Tide Pools #2"
  • 12" x 16"
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • In 2014 I had the wonderful opportunity to spend several months living right on the ocean in Santa Cruz, Ca. Almost every morning I drank my green smoothie while sitting on a bench overlooking the entire Monterey Bay and the vibrantly alive Natural Bridges tide pools.
  • $350

 "Change #2"
  • 24" x 30"
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • Representative of the many twists and turns in my life; changes and opportunities I never could have predicted, but one thing always certain: when one door closes, another opens. The goal remains the same - living from heart, not mind.
  • $1,800


  • 24" x 30"
  • Mixed media
  • I have a tendency to look at events in my life as black or white. Here, the black half contains shards of mirror and the white half, adhered, multi-colored layers of dried acrylic paint. Another very tactile piece, and because of the mirrors, ever-changing. The black is done with a beautiful satin paint that shines. The adhered acrylic pieces, I peeled off palettes used to create many former pieces. This was a departure for me as it had much more of a preplanned idea to it, and yet, was very improvisational in the actual execution.
  • $1,800

"Faith 1 & 2"
  • 2, 16" x 20"
  • Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas
  • These 2 canvases represent the form and the formless. I have enjoyed hanging them side by side horizontally and for an entirely different feel, one on top of the other vertically. (Sold together as a pair)
  • $950 

The following is an excerpt of an email Nadine received from 
world renown art director and expert, 
Morris Shapiro/director Park West Gallery since 1983, 
after he so kindly reviewed some digital images of her work.

Park West®‘s 63,000-square-foot facility in Southfield, Mich. includes 23 spacious interior exhibition galleries, each devoted to a particular artist or type of art, with new collections completely filling the gallery on a regular basis.


"I am impressed with the ‘purity’ of her work. In particular, when an artist emerges with no formal training, but an ‘inner necessity’ to paint, it is a rare thing and can lead (but rarely does) to a unique and unadorned expression. This is what I see in her work. I am also impressed with her handling of color, which is very sophisticated and nuanced. This is something which is probably natural for her, because typically this takes many years of objective trial and error to achieve. She appears to have an intuitive color sense, and I would encourage her to keep it unadulterated by objectivity.

Regarding her subjects and compositions, it appears that she is also pursuing images and ideas that she is drawn to for highly personal reasons. I would encourage her to continue on this path and not be seduced by subjects which may be more commercially viable or popular. My suspicion is that no matter what subject she approaches, her deeper message will come through, so the choice of subject is not as important as her commitment to her spontaneous expression. To me it seems like the subjects are more of a repository for her painterly ideas and the emotions and feelings she is trying to express, than a ‘depiction’ of something more literal or narrative.

One of the great things about art, in my opinion, is that it will always remain one of the only phenomena in which actual physical perception is required to appreciate and fully experience. Consequently nothing will ever replace standing in front of a work of art with a sensorial experience. Pixels and photos will never do that experience justice. Think about standing before a Rembrandt painting (which I hope you’ve done) and looking at the same painting in a book. This bodes well for all artists in the future and particularly artists like Nadine. As the world continues to homogenize, and water-down the arts in general to find the lowest common denominator and spread it as fast and as far as possible, visual art, and painting in particular, will by necessity remain a respite and a sanctuary of human creation. Nadine’s intent and motive is successfully expressed in a reproduction of her art, but I’m sure nothing can compare to seeing it in the flesh. That will always make it something special and ‘rarified’ in a good way."









"Beyond Peace"



"Sweet Home Chicago"



"Spirit Dance"